architecture + technology

athens national cultural & theatre festival central headquarters

Klathmonos Sq, Athens, Greece

Zeta Kachri with Zoe Stathaki & Ioannis Rousetis
NTUA architectural design & building technology project, 2004

This projects refers to the construction of the Athens National Cultural and Theatre Festival central headquarters and management offices in Klathmonos square in Athens. Additionally, an amphitheater able to host 100 visitors, an exhibition space, a library and a cafe were required. The idea was based on exploiting the entire surface of the existing plot, which was actually very limited for the required built volume and also on ensuring an endless motion around and inside the building. As a result, the different buildings, containing clearly separated functionalities, were placed along the three faces of the area allowing the formation of an atrium in the middle and the creation of a parking passage at the forth face of the plot. The atrium, which was directly connected with the existing pavements, ensured a well-ventilated and illuminated environment while at the same time acted as a platform for social engagement within the city. The different volumes (library, management offices, amphitheater, exhibition and cafe) are well connected to each other by both interior passages and the exterior atrium. Finally, the different levels of the existing slot supported the creation of spaces with different elevations depending on the location from which they are seen.

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