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Athens Bench Mark _ Artistic designs for future bench, worldwide competition, Athens, Greece

Tasos Varoudis & Zeta Kachri
‘Exhibition Future Bench’, Kostis Palamas Hall, Technopolis City of Athens, Athens, Greece, May 2010

nAno_bench is based on an emerging mechanism that adapts to human movement and position. The structure of the bench is the result of an evolutionary procedure relied on nanorobotics, which are assembled through artificial intelligence. The bench consists of two layers, the internal bones (developed according to diffusion-limited aggregation, used for simulating forms such as fungal colonies, corals and natural patterns), which provide stability and structural integrity and the external skin, which acts as a soft membrane that covers the bones and provides the surface to sit on.

Having nanorobotics even placed onto a pair of jeans, we envision the future bench as a portable gadget that can be formed in real time providing relaxation at any place, anytime. As human life tends to be more nomadic than ever, we believe that nanotechnology will be the answer to the construction of emerging structures, able to follow human needs.

nAno_bench was shortlisted by the evaluation committee and exhibited in Future Bench Exhibition at Technopolis City of Athens. It took the 10th most popular place among 450 entries based on the public vote.

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