architecture + technology

Tasos Varoudis is an architect, computer scientist and creative designer/technologist. He studied his Diploma (MSc) in Architectural Engineering in National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and his Computing Engineering DIC and MSc at the Imperial College London.

Currently, he teaches at the MSc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation (MSc AAC) at the Bartlett (UCL) in London, and besides that, he is a funded researcher in the fields of adaptive architectural space, spatial analysis, space-computer-human interaction and ambient technology. In 2007 he founded ‘arch+ech’ studio to house his passion for architectural design and technology. He started his architectural work in an early age and collaborated in several commercial and non-commercial projects and competitions.

His work is mainly based on the integration of new technologies into architectural design. Key points in this pursuit is the conceptual design of a ‘Digital sound museum’ for his MSc dissertation project at the NTUA and his ‘Augmented reality in architecture’ project at the Imperial College London.
In sum, his projects and research is driven by ‘code, form and space’ in order to create experiences that playfully challenge our perception of spaces, vision and objects. By creating senses of space that transcend the immediate physical environment of the viewer, he researches how the elements of architecture, spatial design and ambient technology can shape the interrelation between perception and movement in architectural spaces. Combining traditional design methods and aesthetics with programmatic design, generative systems, computer vision, natural human-computer interaction and ambient technology, he seeks to blur the boundaries between physical and virtual space.


2008-now Research / PhD candidate

2007-2008 MSc (Eng) in Computing Science / Imperial College London

2000-2007 Diploma in Architectural Engineering (MSc) / National Technical University of Athens


Varoudis T. ‘Subtle Interventions: How ambient displays influence route choice in buildings’ Paper – eCAADe 2011 (accepted)
Varoudis T. ‘Ambient Displays: Manipulating Movement Patterns’ Paper – Interact 2011
Varoudis T. ‘Ambient Displays: Subtle Manipulation of Movement Patterns’ Poster – CHI 2011, Vancouver
Varoudis T. ‘Investigating the effects of ambient displays on movement patterns in architectural space’ Poster, Design Computing and Cognition (DCC’10)


10 / 2010 ‘Molecular City’ Future Places, Porto, Portugal
05 / 2010 ‘Exhibition Future Bench’, Kostis Palamas Hall, Technopolis City of Athens, Athens, Greece
02 / 2010 ‘augmented reality architecture’, MMX Show at Royal College of Art, London, UK
01 / 2009 ‘Seven, Seven, Seven’ Wates House Lobby Gallery, London, UK


04 / 2010 ‘Athens Bench Mark _ Artistic designs for future bench’, worldwide competition, Athens, Greece (shortlisted by the evaluation committee)

tech skills

□ C/C++ □ Java □ openFrameworks (C++/OpenGL) □ Processing (Java)
□ Arduino (AVR-gcc) □ Assembly (x86) □ Shell Scripting/Perl (Unix)
□ AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, 3Ds MAX □ Adobe Suite
□ Computer Graphics and Visualisations □ Computer Vision □ Augmented / Virtual Reality