architecture + technology


Services driver by cutting edge research and technology: (draft page)

Interactive Installations (Exhibitions, Commercial and Advertising Projects)
Interactive and Intelligent Environments / Architecture
Shareable interfaces – Mobile, tangible and ubiquitous computing

Lectures / Workshops Topics

Oriented towards Processing

- Introduction to Programming for Design and Architecture.
- Morphogenetic Programming.
- Computer Vision / Natural Interaction and Movement.
- Advance Vision and Space Interaction (including Xbox Kinect).
- Augmented Reality Architecture.
- Augmented Materiality / Digitally Enchanted Architecture.

Oriented towards the Arduino platform in combination with Processing

- Introduction to Physical Computing.
- Computer Vision / Natural Interaction and Movement in Physical Computing.
- 3D Space Interaction with Xbox Kinect for Physical Computing.
- Sensing Space / Sensors and Actuators.
- Augmented Physicality / Augmented Reality in Physical Computing.

Specialist topics and combination can be arraigned on demand.