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molecular city

AR installation at Future Places, Portugal.

Tasos Varoudis with Roberto Bottazzi & Tobias Klein
Future Places, Porto, Portugal, October 2010 ( )


Touching Bits

Xbox_Kinect Experiments

Tasos Varoudis
December 2010

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interaction_computer vision_natural movement Workshop @ UCL

A three-day “interaction, computer vision and natural movement” workshop was held at UCL by Tasos Varoudis. Students of the MSc ”Adaptive Architecture and Computation” were challenged to develop and implement ideas that involved interaction through computer vision and natural movement and to finally present their projects.

The schedule involved 2 days with “Digital Studio” module and one super compressed day with “Body as Interface” module.

The workshop was focused on Processing, as the students were getting more and more familiar with it, with implementations varying from native Processing to OpenCV and network OSC.