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Subtle interventions: How ambient displays influence route choice in buildings. eCAADe 2011

Paper at eCAADe 2011: Respecting Fragile Places, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 21st- 24th September 2011.

Tasos Varoudis et. al.

Abstract: Ambient displays allow physical space to be transformed into a dynamic and ever-changing environment in which boundaries are dissolved. However, it is likely that the incorporation of such digital elements affects people’s perception and understanding of space. In this particular study, a series of experiments were conducted to examine how a skewed perspective projection via an ambient display influences people’s navigation in public spaces. The findings are then presented showing how the participants’ responded to the presence of the skewed projection and the effects on the movement patterns. This study discusses the ability of an ambient display to influence navigation paths and suggests that a projection with skewed perspective can determine the creation of new movement patterns.