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dopey_motion sensitive interactive installation

motion sensitive interactive installation

Tasos Varoudis & Zeta Kachri with Guy Woodhouse
‘Seven, Seven, Seven’ Wates House Lobby Gallery, London, UK, January 2009

This project was about implementing an abstract form of a creature based on Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs.

The initial idea was to create a motion sensitive structure that will react to people’s movement by following them. The final piece was not only responsive to people’s motion but also able to change colors depending on the distance that was kept in between it and the visitor, as an attempt to express its ‘feelings’ of friendliness, surprise, relaxation or anger.

At the very final stage of its creation, sound was added (wimpers ,hiccoughs and laughs) to illustrate its ability of annoying people in a funny and naive way. Based on the character of the dwarf, this structure resembles of a childlike but genius at the same time creature that merely acts like a toddler.

The installation was exhibited to Bartlett School of Architecture  (University College London) during the 777 exhibition ( seven days, seven projects, seven dwarfs).

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